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Our Love Story - Love Limpopo

Our love story

About Love Limpopo

I received this love letter years ago and it changed my life forever in the time that it took me to find my breath and feel my heart pulsing again. The words reached deep into my soul and helped me to remember my dreams… that little voice inside me that yearned for a journey of the heart.

My Love…

Come closer… I want you to feel my heartbeat!

I want you to reconnect to your wild spirit through me.

Come to me…. let us be curious together … let us explore every corner of each other.

I yearn for you to experience the deep connections I feel when I share my stories … my secrets.

Remember when, as a child, you created magic with wet soil… shaping it with your bare hands.

You danced in the rain and painted rainbows with your smile.

Come with me on this journey so you can once more see your world with curious eyes.

Surrender to your wanderlust…

Let your feet take you where your heart longs to go.


I packed my bags, surrendered to the whispering call of far-away places, of soul-connections to be made and let my feet take me where my heart longed to go. When I hit the open road and felt the wind flick through my hair like a lovers’ touch, I picked up my pace and felt freedom on my tongue. As I travelled along dusty roads, I met another soulmate – someone I have known for a second and a million years… and another road opened up to us.

Limpopo wrote us a love letter years ago and called us to the wild, unexplored spaces… to the starry nights… to the warm-hearted faces. We have explored the hidden places of Limpopo… we have experienced her wild spirit. From a birds-eye view on mountain peaks to the most secret centre of deep gorges… at a fireside where drums beat a true African rhythm telling tales of a thousand years in one moment…. We fell in love with the pulse… the rhythm. We are in love with the people, the cultural connections …. the way life unfolds and the path comes up to meet you. We listened to the storytellers and fell in love with African art. We want to share this journey and experience with you. It has immeasurably enriched our lives and tuned us in to the rhythm that connects us all. I am because you are.

This website is our gift to you so you can also find your soul once again and experience connection in these off-the-beaten track spaces. We have travelled all over the world and have explored the most hidden spaces in Limpopo, We have felt our bodies vibrate to a lion’s throaty roar, have felt the pulse of a 2000 year-old tree, we have walked in the footsteps of the San and heard the deep and ancient rhythms of Limpopo in the footsteps of everyone we have met along the road less travelled.

Follow your heart and be part of this epic love story.

Love, Lisa, Deon and Neil.

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