Delight in the domba dance

Stories are woven tightly into the landscapes of Limpopo, and travelling through her vast soul spaces is like falling in love for the first time. The ancient rhythm of the land and its people pulses through the heart of every visitor – a place that speaks of times gone by and those still unwritten, of traditions held in the rhythm of a drum and the mouth of a pot.

As we slid down the muddy single track, taking our eyes off the road for a few seconds the mist surrendered to the sun and lit up our destination like a precious gem, tucked into the crown of a King. The Makwarani Royal Kraal in the green heart of Venda was where we were headed. The warm smiles and wafting flavours of the cooking fires pulled us closer and welcomed us home. Our mothers in bright colours of culture singing and ululating to celebrate our togetherness.

When is the precise moment that a place gets under your skin and becomes a part of you?

The wild and sacred spaces in Venda keep calling us back … this time to Makwarani and the deep cultural rhythms playing out in the embrace of green-backed mountains. There under the spreading fig we ate like royals, we laughed, we cried and we danced together. In the company of women connecting to their culture, to each other and to us, we fell in love with Venda all over again.

Limpopo wrote us a love letter years ago and called us to her soul-spaces. She whispered and called us closer to her deep gorges and lush green valleys where she lay her secrets bare. Stories of water spirt and white lions, sacred forests and magical lakes. Limpopo drew us closer to her wild heart, beckoned by the storytellers, whispering the tales of old.

She called us into her heart, the true heart of Africa tucked away deep inside the sacred forests of the Venda region. When you listen carefully you can hear it beating, a constant pulse so intoxicating it captures your soul.

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