Take a walk in the wilderness

The mountains at Leshiba sing love songs to the clouds, which wrap around the rocky peaks at dawn, like a silken scarf glowing pink in the early morning light.

Climb above the clouds and find your way to a place where the views cascade down into hidden valleys and disappear into a rocky gorge.  In the silence, you can hear the soft murmuring grunts of wildebeest and the sound of leaves zitting off a branch in the twirl of a giraffe’s tongue.  In that moment of connection to the wilderness, you can experience the way of the poet in search of inspiration, of the lover and stargazer.

H12 Leshiba is a bucket-list destination because it has heart, in the warm greetings of Joyce and Lukas when you arrive, in the cool embrace of the fresh breeze when you set off on your morning walk or the swing of light of the paraffin lantern as it meets the in-coming night and the low sounds of the bush.  Leshiba has soul, seen deep in the eyes of the leopard, and in every fibre of Pete Straughan’s being when he speaks of the ecosystem of Leshiba creating connections before our very eyes.

Perched at the summit of the Soutpansberg plateau, Leshiba is all about contrasts… dramatic cliffs and beautiful vistas.  From the vantage point at the Venda Village, giraffe delicately munches the treetops below you, stretching up to eat their fill, and beyond that is the game-filled mountain wilderness where you can walk up to zigzagging zebra and admire towering trees framed in a rocky embrace of mountains.

Explore the heart-spaces of nature that is H12 Leshiba with a guide as he reveals the secrets of the medicinal plants you find along the way; as you telescope back In time to the stories written on the rocky pages of the overhang… of the earliest humans in these mountains; as you gaze at the clouds and sing songs to the stars; as you cycle, run or walk the trails and are guided to peacefully grazing herds by guides filled with knowledge and passion.

Walk in the Wilderness and reconnect to the heart-spaces of nature.

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