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We love connecting with you. It means you are part of our ecosystem. You have been pulled closer by the ancient pulse of Limpopo and have fallen in love…Love Limpopo is the story of a province… an innovative online platform, inspiring new ways of connection to the most incredible province in South Africa.

We have listened to you, the traveller… you want authentic experiences, places with heart and soul…. We want to give you the chance to fall in love with these beautiful spaces, responsible accommodation, incredible people and experiences that build connection. We want to celebrate the authentic African art, quality crafts and travel experiences found only in Limpopo.

Love Limpopo is a social movement. For us, it is all about empowerment, transformation and connection. We are building communities and networks… an ecosystem supporting new entrepreneurs, giving a voice to artists in the rural spaces and celebrating the innovation and passion of the do-ers, the dreamers, the lovers of Limpopo.

We are on a journey of discovery and are growing our destination. We invite you to tell us what you love, start a conversation ….. come and visit for a long weekend or a month. Come and experience the pulse, the rhythm of Limpopo.

Love Limpopo is the first of its kind and just one of the amazing acts in the Traveling Circus portfolio. We are an inspired, passionate community of people building a sustainable tourism industry in Southern Africa. When originality, creativity and empowerment collide, magic happens.