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At Love Limpopo, we are driven by a passion for connecting travellers to this beautiful province, its dynamic people and inspiring spaces through the responsible accommodation establishments and authentic, immersive experiences we market on our various platforms.

Love Limpopo is a social movement.  For us, it is all about empowerment, transformation and connection.  Through a collective approach, we are building communities and networks… an ecosystem supporting new entrepreneurs, giving a voice to artists in the rural spaces and celebrating the innovation and passion of the do-ers, the dreamers, the lovers of Limpopo.

Through Love Limpopo, we offer collective destination marketing; evocative tourism content-generation; tailor-made itineraries for responsible destination Tour Operators; training with a difference and experience-development.

When it comes to marketing today, a strong online presence is the only way to go. With the advent of the social-media era, the days of having only a website, promoting your well-decorated rooms and the interior of your lodge on Facebook is simply not enough. Many lodge owners are struggling to navigate this competitive space for a foot in the door. Tourism businesses should rather be looking at how they can differentiate their brand by communicating their establishment’s unique personality and ethos  … the heart and soul of their business.

We can tell your story … Through evocative images, captivating films and copywriting that speaks to the heart, we entice visitors to experience your product in new ways. We find the best way to discover your unique voice and then back up your story with detailed insights and analytics to drive your message towards the right market and tap in on Love Limpopo’s strong brand presence, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions that maximise your spend.

Travellers today are looking for more than just a bed, they are yearning for connection and want to be part of something meaningful. They want to feel, touch, taste and experience. Our content does just that, it brings travellers closer, draws them in, speaks to their heart and makes them long to be a part of your story.


Working through a small group of hand-picked Tour Operators, we provide tailor-made itineraries and trip suggestions for responsible travellers, working with their interests, budget, time-frames and their adventurous spirit to create a journey they will love and will remember as a meaningful connection to the province, the country and its people.  Your stories are told in the right places to entice travellers to you and make them fall in love.


We support the tourism industry at large through our innovative approach to the development of self-confident and empowered people to play a vital role within the tourism ecosystem. We work with your biggest asset – your people. Through focused and engaging training sessions, we support and empower your staff to tell their story, and deliver a heartfelt and authentic service to your clients with a smile that reflects their pride. Happy people make for happy businesses.

We do not teach people skills such as laying tables or polishing cutlery but rather empower them to bring themselves fully into every situation; how to step up and tell their story with confidence and, in so doing, to deliver a more meaningful service to clients.


The tourism economy has shifted, leaving more and more tour operators needing to deliver responsible and sustainable products. The increasingly experiential nature of modern travel has also put a spotlight on the development of quality, immersive cultural experiences offered in an authentic way.

At Love Limpopo, we are supporting businesses to become more responsible and inclusive.  We are constantly innovating and evolving with latest trends in the tourism industry to ensure the meaningful experiences and products that responsible travellers are looking for.  We tackle everything we do with a sense of fun and adventure because we love to travel, and it shows in all we do.

So how can you become part of Love Limpopo?

Choose one of our packages and, for a small monthly fee, you can unlock the benefits for your business, tapping in on the collective marketing, evocative story-telling and content-generation, training and experience-development we offer.

But your participation doesn’t only bring you these benefits, it is a social movement, an ecosystem, a network, driving forward the tourism industry in Limpopo with a dynamic, collective skill-set combined with passion.

The next step… Get in touch!  Tell us about yourself and why you love Limpopo.  Let’s talk further about how we can support you in the areas where you identify a need and to build our relationship as partners in this tourism ecosystem. We look forward to hearing from you so that you can become part of the next exciting chapter of this epic love story.