An epic South African love story

Travelling along dusty roads and sleeping under a blanket of a million stars, the tales written in the landscapes of Limpopo are matched only by the stories etched on the faces of those you meet along the way. Love Limpopo is a celebration of the true spirit of the Limpopo Province, reflecting the beauty of its people, landscapes, heritage, art and culture.

Love Limpopo is a social movement. For us, it is all about empowerment, transformation and connection. We are building communities and networks… an ecosystem supporting new entrepreneurs, giving a voice to artists in the rural spaces and celebrating the innovation and passion of the do-ers, the dreamers, the lovers of Limpopo.

Delve in, pick and choose, scratch below the surface and find experiences which inspire you and places which will make your spirit soar. Come along on this road trip… pack your bags, surrender to the whispering call of far-away places, of soul-connections to be made. Let your feet take you where your heart longs to go. Be part of this epic love story.